Hi, I am happy you're here. I have two sites, this one is largely for photo storage. Check out sarahgagnonphotography.com for more portfolio images.


I am a wedding storyteller. I'm there to capture all the moments, whether they be candid in-betweens or traditional portraits. I think there's a point in which a posed image can still reveal something true about the couple. I'm always striving to visually show the romance of a wedding. 


If I had to say what my style was, I'd go with "romantic." For every couple those images look different. If a bride is more contemporary and modern than I'll shoot compositions that will highlight that. 


I have a degree in photography from the University or Southern Maine and many years of printing experience from back when film was the thing. I find that having a print background in black and white carries over to how you edit the digital file. I love editing photos and because of that, have exceptionally fast turnaround times. 


On the job, I'm calm, easy-going and very hardworking. A father of the bride recently commented that he'd never seen someone smiling so much while they take pictures, and I'm sure that's true. I love my job!